Day One-The Cleanse

The specific cleanse that I am doing is a dōTERRA Body Cleanse Makeover which is geared to help you get healthy from the inside out. Its in three stages of 10 days each. So it builds up the cleansing effect gradually and then focuses on cellular renewal and getting more healthy probiotics into the gut.

  • Stage one is the Activate stage and this last for 10 days. During this stage I will be taking two supplements with my meals. DigestZen TerraZyme and Zendocrine Complex these will help with digestion and the detoxification process.
  • Stage two is the Reset stage and this again lasts for 10 days. During this stage I will continue to take both the DigestZen TerraZyme and Zendocrine Complex with my meals and in addition I will also add GX Assist which I will take with my main meal. GX Assist will further boost my body’s detoxification by creating an unfriendly environment for toxins in my digestive tract.
  • Stage Three is the Renew stage and this final stage also will last 10 days. In this final stage I will continue to take the DigestZen TerraZyme and Zendocrine Complex as in stage one and two. DDR Prime and PB assist will be added to this final stage. These final two supplements will help to rebuild a healthy environment in my gut by replacing healthy probiotics.
  • During all three stages I will be drinking lemon essential oil in water.

I will provide more info regarding the supplements and how exactly they work in future posts. If you want to join me just comment and I’ll get in contact and give you more info.

Day One

I began this morning with a huge cup of warm water with 2 drops of dōTERRA Lemon essential oil, this is how I’ve been starting most days for a few months now as its a great way to start the day. The lemon essential oil has all the beneficial properties of sliced lemon in an easily accessible much more concentrated and potent form. Plus added bonus is that as the lemon essential oil is distilled from the rind of the lemons the acidity which could effect the enamel on your teeth is not present in the essential oil. Starting the day with lemon water has an amazing cleansing effect on your organs, it aids digestion and gives the liver a boost that assists with clearing out toxins. So this is exactly what I need during this cleanse, and every day to be honest.

I took all of my supplements as directed and had three healthy meals nothing processed. I’m not going to detail my food intake as I’ve previously said that I’m not trained in diet and nutrition so this isn’t a food dairy:-). I thought a lot more today about what I was eating as I generally tend to grab whats fastest and this usually will be something processed, not today though. By about 8PM my head was getting quite sore which is to be expected during a cleanse and detox, I drank more water which helped. So body cleanse day one was pretty easy, but how did my mind cleanse go????

The detoxification of my mind has begun I drastically cut back on my TV, it was supposed to be 1 hour and I went slightly over well double actually I watched 2 hours of TV, that was still a massive reduction so I’m pleased with that. I spent no time at all surfing the web or mindlessly scrolling through Facebook so that was an accomplishment. I finished a fabulous book which I would highly recommend ‘The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins’, I’ll do a quick review of it on one of my posts about this cleanse. I think most importantly, well to me anyhow, I was really conscious of my inner voice, every time the doubts and criticism came up and didn’t give it head room, I literally changed the subject in my own head. By change the subject I mean that I just distracted myself with thoughts of how good I will feel at the end of March when I’ve completed this, or I visualised an army for tiny foreign invaders exiting my body as my internal soldiers got to work, lots of different thoughts really but all of them positive to quiet that little critic we all live with.

At the end of Day One I am happy, happier than I have been in a while as I feel that I’m taking back control of me.

More tomorrow and I’m adding in a little treat tomorrow to help me detox and it involves nearly a ton of epson salts……….

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