Magnificent March

Welcome to MindMenders and Wellness Hub’s Magnificent March. To mark the business kick off I’d like to share with you 30 days dedicated to ‘Cleaning Up Your Act’ I am going to be completing a 30 day mind and body cleanse starting off tomorrow. I like too invite you to join me on this journey, virtually at first and then actually once you’ve gotten a bit of a taste for it.

Commencing tomorrow I am going to walk you through all the stages of my journey from why to how to what and when. I’ll explain my reasoning for doing this and what I mean by a mind detox. I’ll be trying out various tools to assist me in my grand toxic purge. Toxins come in many shapes and sizes, some we can clearly identify and choose to take or leave on a daily basis. Others are more sinister and lurk in every corner of our homes disguised as pretty smells, detergents and even cosmetics. Many of the foods we eat contain toxins, some household appliances can even create toxicity in our homes if we are not careful. People can be toxic and even our own thoughts. So during this next month I’d like to share with you, my journey, not only to identify some hidden toxins but also to eliminate as many from my life as possible.

I am not an expert on any of this myself, I am on a journey and I’m inviting you to come with me. We read a lot in the media about Toxic Load  and how this is affecting our health and causing epidemic proportions of allergy sufferers, Auto-Immune diseases, Sepsis, depression, and many many other conditions. I’d like to shine a brighter light on what can contribute to your Toxic Load and what we can do about it.

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