Born Performers

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The fear that many of us have of public speaking is learned one and most definitely not something that we were born with. Think back to when you were a kid or think of your own young children. Kids will literally fight to have the spotlight, they just love to perform, being the centre of attention is something they crave……..until something happens that hurts them emotionally or physically and frightens them from doing so. So, it’s good to firstly accept that we are not born with a fear of speaking publicly, that’s something that we manufacture due to experiences and environment.

· So remember that it’s not a fear we are born with its something we’ve learned and all that can be learned can be unlearned.

Now for some people this can be a phobia, a totally irrational fear that causes a fight or flight type of response when triggered. Some people will experience panic attacks at the mere mention of speaking to a group, even a small group and some cannot even tolerate the idea of speaking to an unknown person. This can be debilitating and can in turn lead to other phobias if left untreated. It can limit people in both their private and professional lives.

Generally speaking, people’s fears will belong to at least one or more of the following categories.

· Their confidence has been ruined by a previous event which they may consider to have been a disaster

· They are terrified of making a mistake in front of others

· They are extremely self-conscious about being in front of people and being judged

Regardless of which of these categories a person falls into you can be assured that there will be an event or events in their past that has caused them to feel this way. They may not even be consciously aware of the event. Linguistically there are things that we can do to help reframe each of these situations to allow the person to deal better with the situation and even see it from a different perspective. However, hypnotherapy enables us to literally pluck out the problem at the root.

I have worked with a few clients recently in the arena of public speaking, some have had a fear of it and others have wanted to improve their performance. I’ve used Hypnosis alone and also combined it with NLP and Havening producing exactly the results the client wanted. If this is something that affects you and you are serious about wanting change we are here to help.

If you only take one thing away from this, let it be that change is possible if you want it and allow it to happen.

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