An Ideal World.

family protection

In an ideal world, we are born into a loving family where mum and dad have the knowledge and skill to provide us with a loving home which makes us feel safe and secure. They nurture us, guide us and protect us always making us feel protected and loved. They make sure that each and every time they speak to us its kind and loving, they never shout or get angry and they most definitely never ever lose their tempers in front of us. They always make 100% sure that we never misunderstand either their actions or their words. They are by our side every minute of every day to make sure that we never feel insecure, lost or abandoned. They are there to protect and watch over us 24/7.

When we leave the safety and protection of their homes they magically make sure that no-one ever hurts us either physically or emotionally. Teachers do not tell us we are silly, friends do not pick us last for teams, no one ever calls us names and we never miss a bus or lose our lunch. In this ideal world we are protected from everything and we grow up perfectly intact.

However, this ideal world sadly does not exist. Our mums and dads are not educated on the impact that certain things and situations can have on their children, they do their best, but things happen. There are arguments, we do things, we get shouted at, we do silly things and get lost or stuck in places we shouldn’t have been in the first place. Many many things happen to us as kids which we as adults think of as meaningless however our childs minds are very different from our adult minds and many of the things which we refer to now as mental health issues actually originate from childhood experiences. The majority of phobias, and mental health issues that currently affect most of my clients can be traced directly back to things they heard, saw or experienced before the age of 7.

Rubbish I hear you say, that makes no sense you are thinking or as you look at these words on the page you are shaking your head and concluding what nonsense. There was a time I would have agreed with you, but since training in Clinical Hypnotherapy I now know differently and its not just words on a page, its actual clients that I’ve worked with. Full grown adults who have lived the majority of their adult life minutes away from a panic attack due to the fact that they had a teacher in primary school who constantly slammed a large wooden ruler on their desk so hard that their pencils bounced and the child literally thought she was about to be killed, she was approx. 6-7 at the time. Or the amazingly well educated lady in her late 50’s who had absolutely zero self-belief as she had a teacher who repeatedly told her she was stupid in primary school. Also a very successful businessman who completely lost the ability to speak publicly in his 40’s due to an event at a school fair when he was 9 where he was to perform on his violin and his pals stole his bow just before the performance and he had to stand on stage speechless and unable to play.

All these things which to our adult minds are long distant, all be it, unpleasant memories can affect our mental health, trigger phobias, restrict our ability to thrive, limit our success and ultimately steal our joy and happiness. The good news is that hypnotherapy can help free us from the shackles of past experiences which have created limiting beliefs, phobias or other mental health issues. Just a few sessions with a clinical hypnotherapist from NI Hypnosis can help. All of our fully qualified clinically trained hypnotherapist know how to help you identify where your current issues stem from and help you let go of the past and embrace a future full of endless possibilities almost as if you came from an ideal world!

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