Why should you diffuse essential oils?

dōTERRA essential oils can be safely used in a variety of ways, aromatically, topically or internally depending on the properties of each oil. We would suggest that if you are new to using dōTERRA essential oils you start of by using the oils aromatically in a diffuser. The reason we would suggest this is that dōTERRA essential oils are 100% pure and certified for therapeutic usage. This means that our oils are much more potent than the majority of essential oils available on the market and  adapting a less is more approach is best. Diffusing an oil will allow us to take advantage of its most noticeable characteristic, its scent. If we learn a little more about how much of a role smell plays in our lives we can understand the impact of essential oils on a much deeper level.

Our power of smell is one of our most powerful senses and the olfactory messages actually follow a different pathway in the Brian than our other 4 senses. You will probably have noticed in your own experience that some scents are more positively associated in our minds than others. The chemicals within the essential oils begin working on our systems within seconds and can affect both our moods and our wellbeing depending on the oils being used. By adding the oils directly to the air we breathe we can influence the feeling of our environment and more powerfully our own emotions and health. dōTERRA have in fact specifically designed the Emotional Aromatherapy System which contains a collection of 6 oil blends formulated specifically to address certain emotions. However any oil can have an effect on the emotions, the citrus oils for example are uplifting and energising, while oils like Lavender or dōTERRA Balance are calming and grounding.

Uses and Benefits of Diffusing

  1. It can purify the air in your home, specifically oils like Lemon, Melaleuca, Juniper Berry and blends such are On Guard and Purify can be used effectively for this purpose.
  2. Some oils can help maintain feelings of clear breathing and assist in opening up the airways. Oils that can be used very effectively for this purpose would be dōTERRA Breathe, Eucalyptus, Douglas Fir and Lavender.
  3. Oils can also be diffused to minimise the effects of seasonal threats. Specifically dōTERRA Breathe, On Guard and Arborvitae are useful here.
  4. When diffusing you only need use a small amount of oil as little as three or four drops will keep the average diffuser running for a round 3-4 hours. This means that a single bottle of oil can be used many many times with a 15mls bottle delivering on average 250 single drops of oil.
  5. Also remember that you don’t need to have a diffuser to deliver an oils aromatically. The majority of oils can be applied to the palm of the hands and then inhaled. One single drop is all thats needed rub hands together and cup over nose and mouth being careful not to touch eyes or lips with the oil and inhale deeply.
  6. Oils can be used individually or blended for multiple effects. There are many blends in the dōTERRA product range plus you can check out the oils properties and make your own blends.

We would recommend that you use a cold water diffuser or an ultrasonic diffuser, avoid heated diffusers as the heat will have the effect of altering the delicate chemical balance of the oil. I’ll be suggesting some blends and how they can be used to enhance mood and health in future posts.

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