Cleanse Day 10-Stage one completed


Wowzer!! Ten days of eating good clean whole food, no more than 2 hours of TV a day and keeping check on my many many thoughts and correcting them when they get negative. Its not been so easy but I have had many positives from this already.

I’ve been sleeping much much better and feeling more rested when I get up in the mornings. Every night I diffuse dōTERRA Serenity in my bedroom and also apply a little from a roller ball I made onto the soles of my feet just around the base of my big toe. I have such a peaceful restful sleep and awaken feeling the true benefits of a good nights sleep.

My energy levels have been much better than usual. I generally have to force myself to do anything thats physical whereas in the last couple of days I’ve felt energy that I’ve not felt for a long time. I’m not saying that I’m going for runs or planning a marathon just yet, more that I actually feel a desire to do expend energy which I didn’t before if that makes sense. Doing things no longer feels like a burden.

I’ve been in a much better mood and felt more like my old self, more alert, my attention span is better and I find that I’m taking in new information much easier. I’ve noticed that as I’ve gotten older when I’m learning something new by reading that I generally have to read it a few times and make an effort to concentrate whereas now I’m able to read new things and take the info on board much much faster. This makes me think that my brain had been foggy and I hadn’t really noticed I’d just thought that it was my age. My sense of humour is better too. Yes I know you are thinking how is that possible, I assure you though it is better than ever. I would also say that I’m more patient and calmer as well. There have been quite a few times where I’ve wanted to ROAR yet I’ve managed to stay cool and calm and been much better for it afterwards. I’m not saying that I’ve not ROARED a few times I have but definitely not as much as I normally do.

I have an overall feeling of ‘more’ if that makes sense I feel more in control of life, of me, of my family and of my body. I feel as if I have more time, the days and nights both feel much longer. I know that I can do more in a day than I’ve been doing for many many months. I feel I have demonstrated more patience, tolerance, kindness and love. I’ve had more time to think, my thoughts have been clearer more time do just be.

So to summarise my first ten days or stage one of my mind and body cleanse. Its been easier than I thought it would be and the benefits have been so much more than I expected. I’m excited and thrilled to be starting Phase two:-)

Just a wee reminder of what the cleanse dōTERRA supplements are:-

  • Stage one is the Activate stage and this last for 10 days. During this stage I will be taking two supplements with my meals. DigestZen TerraZyme and Zendocrine Complex these will help with digestion and the detoxification process.
  • Stage two is the Reset stage and this again lasts for 10 days. During this stage I will continue to take both the DigestZen TerraZyme and Zendocrine Complex with my meals and in addition I will also add GX Assist which I will take with my main meal. GX Assist will further boost my body’s detoxification by creating an unfriendly environment for toxins in my digestive tract.
  • Stage Three is the Renew stage and this final stage also will last 10 days. In this final stage I will continue to take the DigestZen TerraZyme and Zendocrine Complex as in stage one and two. DDR Prime and PB assist will be added to this final stage. These final two supplements will help to rebuild a healthy environment in my gut by replacing healthy probiotics.
  • During all three stages I will be drinking lemon essential oil in water.


Wish me luck on my next stage of my journey and I will keep you posted…..

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