30 Day Cleanse Mind and Body

Lets get into this, the nitty gritty as they say…….


Why am I doing this?

Thats really really easy I’m a great big bag of toxins. I don’t eat a clean diet, I eat processed food. I’m overweight and I’m sure that some of the pounds of fat I’m storing are 20 years old and goodness only knows whats hiding away in there. I’m 53 and not in good shape and I want and need to do something about it. There is absolutely no point in me going onto any of the slimming schemes as none of them really look at you holistically and thats what I know I need. So I’m going to do it myself. I am not a nutritionalist, or a dietitian, I’m not even a great cook I’m just a woman who wants to clean up her body and mind and I believe that I know how to do it.  I’ll be using some great tools along the way which I’ll review for you and add links should you wish to try them out yourselves. 

Another major reason why I’m doing this is that over the last few years I’ve experienced a lot of changes. I’ve lost people, been shocked by people, surprised by people, been tested, changed career, and ultimately come to know myself much much better. I believe that our bodies can store negative energies in our cells in the form of toxins. What I mean by that is that at times of stress, grief, depression etc your body goes through chemical changes and the byproducts of these chemical reactions can be stored in our bodies. So I like many many others have had a lot of these chemicals churning around my body and I’d like to get rid of the residue.

I’ve finally accepted my true passion in life and am now going to live the rest of my life fulfilling that and I want to be as healthy and as kind as I can be to this wonderful wonderful life I’ve been given.

What do I want to achieve?

I know that I can never completely eliminate the toxins from my life and body that would just be an impossible task, I can however get rid of a lot of whats clogging up my systems at the minute and going forward, I will increase my preventative measure to reduce further build up. When I say systems I’m not just talking about digestive, and endocrine etc I also mean my emotional self, my mind. We also pollute our minds with too much mindless TV, too many hours spent staring into little electronic devices, constant critism being handed down to you by you about everything you do. This is all pollution too this is every bit as toxic as MSG or all the preservatives and additives in our food. I highlight the word spent for a reason. Spent literally means ‘Having been used and unable to be used again’ thats what we are doing when we sit for hours in front of a TV screen or staring at our phones playing Angry Birds or whatever the latest craze is. We spend that time, time we could be talking to a friend, a family member, even a stranger, we spend time that we could so easily use connecting with another human being. Time that we could dedicate to getting us closer to the things that give us joy. If you are reading this thinking I love my TV or my games I guarantee you that no-one has even spent the last minutes of their lives thinking about their favourite episode of ‘Greys’ or what level they got to in ‘Angry Birds’ Nope No One. People won’t remember the time they spent watching TV they will remember their first day at school, how proud they were getting they first pay packet and maybe the first time they met their partner. I’m not saying that TV and games etc are bad, I’m suggesting that we consider how much time we spend doing this type of activity and think how else some of that time could be used.

I’m speaking from personal experience here and its current, right up to date, like last night…….I’ve been binge watching ‘Greys Anatomy’ for the last few weeks and watched about three seasons, thats an enormous amount of TV. Each day when I look back and see what I’ve achieved it never feels like enough and I can’t work out where the day went then I remember that somehow I managed to fit in 5 episodes of ‘Greys’ thats 4 hours TV at least. So thats precisely why I end the day feeling that I’ve not gotten everything I wanted done.

What am I going to be doing?

This is the mega exciting bit!

Food-wise its 30 days of nothing processed, I’m only going to be eating whole food. Thats food as made by nature. So if its not gone through any chemical or artificial processes I can eat it. So rather that list all the things that I cannot eat which would bring them to my attention and make me want too eat them I am going to list some of the great stuff that I can eat.

Any fruits, any veg, organic high quality fish and poultry, all of the grains and pulses nuts and plant based milk.

Mind-wise its 30 days of no activity on mobile devices unless work related, so thats no games or in my case puzzles. My exposure to TV will be very limited. I am going to listen very very closely to my wee internal voice and actively switch off the criticism and replace it by something positive right away. Every time I drift off into the worry wheel I’ll remind myself of all the possible good outcomes and quickly exit the wheel. Any negative emotions I experience will be zapped with some essential oils of the mood management variety. I am going to actively police and manage my thoughts.

To support my body during the cleanse I will be using dōTERRA essential oils and cleansing products and to support my mind I will be meditating, self Havening reducing my TV to 1 hour per day and reading at least a book per week. There’s more to be revealed.

I’ll let you know later how day one was…..


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